Monday, August 23, 2010

Savannah's Birthday Bash

Sweet Savannah girl turned 3 at the beginning of August! Time is flying! (I can't believe Rory & Abby are already 7months old too! sniff sniff!) Rory & I made the treck down to celebrate. 4hrs of driving is about the max us girls can handle. Chad was working. But non-the-less we made it from Tyler to Orange in one piece! Savannah's birthday was FLIP FLOP themed. And Emily made the cutest cake! Savannah & her friends also swam & slip-n-slide'ed. The slip-n-slide looks so small these days. Have they shrunk? Also, when Sav was opening gifts she'd take the tissue paper & blow it out of the way. Ha! I made her a little purse & lots of bows. It was fun to sew again as it's probably been since college since I've really sewed. Abby & Rory had a good time catching up on baby talk. And I would like to point out that Rory is not eating a sucker...it still has wrapping on it, tho' she totally would eat one. :) Also, Gerry....here's a picture just for you! See you did make the page!!! We also got to hang out with JBo (Rory's favorite FW uncle.) & Kristen. They are such a stinkin' cute couple! I know they're both excited be getting closer to graduating (Baylor/seminary) too! And boy 'howdy does JBo loooooove babies! May the Lord bless him with 15! (Kristen maybe thinking...wait a sec! Haha!) It was great to see everyone...including Emily's family (who's always so so so sweet!)

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