Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visiting the Yaklins (FinallY!)

Finally finally finally got to go see my sweet Haley - my bestest friend of about 13 years. She, her hubby, & puppy Missy now live in Houston. I miss 'em! In fact she's just been living in her LOVELY house for oh....about 2 years now. And I've never visited. I'm such a bad bad friend. We've seen each other in Fort Worth or back in Orange but never Houston. FINALLY just us girls made the (4hr ack!) treck down there. I only got a few photos darn it & here they are. Rory loved the puppy. She pulled Missy's cheeks & wanted to bite her ears. And the very sweet -attention-loving doggie didn't mind. Now Rory will not stop talking about wanting a puppy. Ha! On second thought maybe we should keep waiting 'till we get our 15 acres of land before living with pets. Anyways.... we just spent the weekend eating good food, talking... A LOT, watching movies, & playing with Rory. She loves her Auntie H...and she gave 'ol Jody a few smiles too. It was so wonderful to see my bestie. I love how we can just pick things up like we see each other on a daily basis. Oh and once again, her home was lovely lovely lovely! She did so well decorating too! Love my bestie! :)

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