Sunday, June 27, 2010

We've had an exciting weekend! I'm starting to wonder if residency will always be like this? Ya right! Chad starts the REAL work tomorrow & actually starts seeing patients.

We went to Lake Hideaway for the intern party. It's BEAUTIFUL out there! It's basically a gated community on a golf course & lake. Rory & Matthew were checking each other out. But we did explain to her that boys were icky. (And his mom said the same about girls to him.) They are exactly a month apart. Guess who's older... RORY. What a chunky-chunkster.

The next day we went to Dr. Amy H's which was out in tha country. I love it! They've got a small farm over there with goats, miniature donkeys, dogs, & an adorable baby girl, Charlie. (She totally reminds me of the little girl on Toy Story 3. Which is a fantastic movie by the way!) At Amy's, Rory went on her FIRST SWIM. She didn't like it too much. And she didn't like her blow up baby float much either. She mostly wanted to cling to me. Poooooor baby. Rory adores Dr. Michelle who held her for a loooonnng time & even fell asleep on her. We got to hang out with several of the interns again & some of Amy's sweet neighbors who made us all homemade ice cream! YUM! One of the funniest things of the evening was when the Barstad's two year old twins made a beeline towards the donkeys. All of a sudden they went under the electric fence (which was turned off) & headed towards the animals with NO FEAR. Their kids are so stinking cute. Rory is so fortunate to have so many playmates here! (But we're keeping an eye on baby Matthew!)

Today we went to church, Green Acres to try out Sunday School. We really like it there! It's HUGE & I call it "the mall of God" because there are so many people hustling & bustling. BUT even in that huge of a church I randomly ran into a guy I grew up in church with! (Ok, so he didn't really remember me since he's ~6 years older but I recognized him immediately.) Then we went swimming at UT Tyler. Such a nice pool & very kid friendly. Rory LOVED the pool this time! Crazy baby! (I call her Miss Heckle & Jeckle sometimes.) She even enjoyed her float & just kinda kicked back & relaxed.

The other big news is: Rory is getting her FIRST TOOTH!!!!! Bottom left to be exact. I hope she tolerates teething well but I guess she has thus far. Good bye toothless grin! (You'll be missed!)

Next up.... Rory & I are venturing to the big "O" to visit the parents for a few days. They all sure love to spoil her...& we love that they do! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rory's ready for a swim! She's so stinkin' cute in her swimmie suit! Tomorrow we're going swimming for the 1st time! YEA! I hope she likes it & likely she will because she loves bath time. One of the interns invited us to their home which has goats & miniture donkies! We'll see how Rory likes 'em.
Today Chad had a recreational work day to say the least. He did the ropes course with his fellow interns & a softball game. Unfortunately, they lost the softball game & only had 7 players. We all grabbed lunch at Bruno's Pizza. It's very yummy & we got to meet more spouses & residents. There are SO many kids & I think we only saw half of them today! Rory will have many playmates! This evening we went to Lake Hideaway for an intern party. It was gorgeous out there! I think Rory found a "friend that's a boy", Matthew. He's (exactly) a month younger. They gave each other a good lookin' over. (Pics later) We had fun hanging out on the lake with all the gang. Everyone is so friendly here....love it! I'm off to bed. Gotta drag the hub'ster off the couch...he had a grueling day! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chad's graduation from TCOM. O'so proud of him & the very hard work he put in over 4 years. Time really did fly by & it's hard to believe that we're already in Tyler!

For his graduation party his parents had it at a Best Western conference room & La Familia was catered. It turned out perfect & his mom did such a great job planning all of it. His 'ol roomie, Casey & his girlfriend, Lee even came. It was so good to see them & they were so very sweet to spend this momentous occasion with us. Those who also made the trip were his grandparents & Aunt Gail from Shreveport, his parents, his brother, sis-n-law, 2 girls (from Monroe - 7hrs away!), his FW brother, my parents, brother, & sis-n-law. We were so glad they all made it! Kirk & his family stayed with us & the girls all had a bunch of fun. Savannah is such a little lady busy body & Abby is so so tiny & cute! I'm so glad we got to visit with them. I'm also glad we're closer to them in Tyler!
Chad's big graduation gift from me was a trip to Vegas! Mary & Jbo kept Rory. Pics to come.
On a side note ... today we signed up at UTT's rec center as we get a good deal thru Chad's job. I'm so excited to get to take Rory swimming there! The pool even has a shallow section. Plus I may try out a zumba class next week as long as Chad gets home in time. I have no idea what zumba is but soon we'll see. I'll be so glad to get to work out some & I really do best if it's a class-type work out.
Chad tells me today that he has to work a 24hr shift on CHRISTMAS DAY starting at 8am. I'm really disappointed because it's Rory's 1st Christmas but I guess I should've expected the worst given he's an intern. But really that's THE WORST schedule. He tried to put a positive spin on things in that he has Thanksgiving off. I guess we'll get up at the crack'o'dawn Christmas morning & do our little family Christmas then. I must tell myself it's only a date & Rory will not know the difference! Plus to top it off....Chad's working 8a-8p on Rory's 1st birthday which is on a Saturday. I really hope he can switch that one day with another resident. Again, she won't know that difference on dates but conveniently her birthday is on SATURDAY. Ok, I just had to vent. We are so so so bless to be where we are & not EVERY holiday & occasion will be this 'ruff. I'm very glad to have family near by so we can spend many of these special times together!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SITC2 outing with my girlies on Memorial weekend before I headed to Tyler. Of course we had to get cosmos. Guess who got which drink:
A. Cosmo B. Pineapple something something C. TCU Horny Frog
A= Kristina B= Meg C= Me
I miss their sweet faces! :)
As for today... off to have lunch at a new friend's house! And Rory is down for a nap - yea! Last night she woke at midnight & then wanted to play & coo for the next 2 hours....seriously. I know Chad needed sleep but after an hour of rocking, eating, playing, etc - it was his turn. He's a good daddy & did take over. But she ended up in bed with us. Ack. All that's not usual for her. Who knows....maybe she's growing. (That's what I always blame it on - growth spurts.)
I'm very excited about the upcoming Twilight movie, Eclipse. My sis-n-law, Emily, was asking me when I'd get to see it.... and I have no idea! Chad's willing to take me but I doubt Rory will want to come along. Hhehehe. He's a very sweet man to take me to all of those movies thus far! His brother (married to Em) LOVES Twilight & Chad just doesn't understand it. I'm trying to get Chad to read the books but then again I really really do think he'd hate them. Ha. O'well. Anyone else out there in Tyler want to go to see it? I'm sure I could pick up a few teenagers around the mall to go with. Hehehe. Oooo or maybe Kristina (from FW) would like to go with me!? Ok, so she's the only person I've known to totally hate the 1st book & refuse to read anymore. I did force her to watch the 1st movie & she did survive. (Love u, K!)
Chad's orientation is going well. Ok, so it's really boring in his opinion but at least he's getting paid. Yea! This is the 1st time he's been paid for a job since we've been married! Seriously! Finally he's the suga-daddy! :) On Friday we're having Bruno's Pizza for lunch with the doctors then there's a intern vs upper residents softball game. Fun! Chad's concerned because there are 5 intern female doctors. Hello! Softball is a GIRL's game! I bet they'll whip his hinnie!
I best get a move on.... dang it. Gotta iron my shorts. I hate ironing! But these shorts have serious wrinkle-age at the hem. Maybe I'll just change shorts....especially now that I hear Rory squaking. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And here's Miss Rory post-morning walk. Yes, she did have clothes on during the walk. I usually strip her once we get in because it's so hot. And it was sooooo hot at even 9am this morn! Today went to lunch with some "doctor wives" & their kids. It was a lot of fun! I've been so blessed by everyone's hospitality & friendlyness in Tyler. Since Rory is napping now I think I'm gona sneak a nap too. Toodles for now. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's day to my dad! This is an 'ol pic but I like it. Wish I coulda spent it with him! I'm so grateful for such a supportive father. Also, it's so cute to see him play with Rory....he really likes her!
The card Rory made for Chad.

The dads. Yes, I made the monster cake. It's chocolate fudge with vanilla butter cream frosting & chocolate ganache topping. The frosting itself consists of 6 sticks of butter. Yes, it's that GOOD!

Chad, Rory & his parents. (I made the "Weldon" sign behind it. It was an interesting project in the least and one I will not venture to do again.)

Happy 1st Father's Day, Chad!

Happy Father's day to a terrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiffffffffffiiiiiiiiicccccccc Daddy! I love seeing Rory's face light up when Chad is playing with her. It's so obvious they adore each other. It's such a blessing for her to grow up with a godly father...and a Heavenly Father too! Father's day was fun. Chad's first father's day was spent with his parents who were visiting & helping us set up house. Chad got an antenna from Rory....seriously. Haha. And Rory made him a card which he totally loved.

Rory close to sitting! Yea!!!! 5 months.

Welcome to Wonderful Weldon Wonderland! So here's my 1st attempt at blogging. I'm amazed I've created the blog thus far. We'll see how it goes. Now what to say.... :)
We're now living in Tyler, Texas as Chad has begun family medicine residency here at UT Tyler Hospital. He's a recent graduate of Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. I'm o'so proud of him.
And....then there's Rory. Our precious baby girl. She's 5 months old & simply the best baby! We couldn't ask for more!
And then there's me, Suzanne. I'm staying home with Rory currently. Otherwise I'm a dietitian & certified diabetes educator.
Looks like I'll have to back track some & hit some of the hilights of the year. So that's to come.
As for today, it is Chad's 1st day of work. Ok, it's his first day of orientation which he has alllllll week long. Rory & I are just hanging out today. I was going to take her for a stroll this morning but she decided to sleep until 11am! (Aside from eating at 7am.) This afternoon I've enjoyed watching her play....especially with her feet. She hasn't started to suck on them yet but I'm thinking that's soon to come. She is getting closer to sitting too. (I'll have to post a pic later.) She kinda slouches over on top of her feet with her hands holding her up. Since she's napping I'm finally eating lunch - leftover Olive Garden salad & spaghetti with meatballs. Yum!
Oh and the pic is of ~the girls~ Kristina, Meg, Rory & me at lunch in Fort Worth a few months ago. I miss 'em o'so much!