Friday, June 25, 2010

Rory's ready for a swim! She's so stinkin' cute in her swimmie suit! Tomorrow we're going swimming for the 1st time! YEA! I hope she likes it & likely she will because she loves bath time. One of the interns invited us to their home which has goats & miniture donkies! We'll see how Rory likes 'em.
Today Chad had a recreational work day to say the least. He did the ropes course with his fellow interns & a softball game. Unfortunately, they lost the softball game & only had 7 players. We all grabbed lunch at Bruno's Pizza. It's very yummy & we got to meet more spouses & residents. There are SO many kids & I think we only saw half of them today! Rory will have many playmates! This evening we went to Lake Hideaway for an intern party. It was gorgeous out there! I think Rory found a "friend that's a boy", Matthew. He's (exactly) a month younger. They gave each other a good lookin' over. (Pics later) We had fun hanging out on the lake with all the gang. Everyone is so friendly here....love it! I'm off to bed. Gotta drag the hub'ster off the couch...he had a grueling day! :)

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