Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to Wonderful Weldon Wonderland! So here's my 1st attempt at blogging. I'm amazed I've created the blog thus far. We'll see how it goes. Now what to say.... :)
We're now living in Tyler, Texas as Chad has begun family medicine residency here at UT Tyler Hospital. He's a recent graduate of Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. I'm o'so proud of him.
And....then there's Rory. Our precious baby girl. She's 5 months old & simply the best baby! We couldn't ask for more!
And then there's me, Suzanne. I'm staying home with Rory currently. Otherwise I'm a dietitian & certified diabetes educator.
Looks like I'll have to back track some & hit some of the hilights of the year. So that's to come.
As for today, it is Chad's 1st day of work. Ok, it's his first day of orientation which he has alllllll week long. Rory & I are just hanging out today. I was going to take her for a stroll this morning but she decided to sleep until 11am! (Aside from eating at 7am.) This afternoon I've enjoyed watching her play....especially with her feet. She hasn't started to suck on them yet but I'm thinking that's soon to come. She is getting closer to sitting too. (I'll have to post a pic later.) She kinda slouches over on top of her feet with her hands holding her up. Since she's napping I'm finally eating lunch - leftover Olive Garden salad & spaghetti with meatballs. Yum!
Oh and the pic is of ~the girls~ Kristina, Meg, Rory & me at lunch in Fort Worth a few months ago. I miss 'em o'so much!

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  1. Miss you too Super Mom! ;) K and I will come see you soon. We were talking about that on Saturday. :) Love yall!