Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SITC2 outing with my girlies on Memorial weekend before I headed to Tyler. Of course we had to get cosmos. Guess who got which drink:
A. Cosmo B. Pineapple something something C. TCU Horny Frog
A= Kristina B= Meg C= Me
I miss their sweet faces! :)
As for today... off to have lunch at a new friend's house! And Rory is down for a nap - yea! Last night she woke at midnight & then wanted to play & coo for the next 2 hours....seriously. I know Chad needed sleep but after an hour of rocking, eating, playing, etc - it was his turn. He's a good daddy & did take over. But she ended up in bed with us. Ack. All that's not usual for her. Who knows....maybe she's growing. (That's what I always blame it on - growth spurts.)
I'm very excited about the upcoming Twilight movie, Eclipse. My sis-n-law, Emily, was asking me when I'd get to see it.... and I have no idea! Chad's willing to take me but I doubt Rory will want to come along. Hhehehe. He's a very sweet man to take me to all of those movies thus far! His brother (married to Em) LOVES Twilight & Chad just doesn't understand it. I'm trying to get Chad to read the books but then again I really really do think he'd hate them. Ha. O'well. Anyone else out there in Tyler want to go to see it? I'm sure I could pick up a few teenagers around the mall to go with. Hehehe. Oooo or maybe Kristina (from FW) would like to go with me!? Ok, so she's the only person I've known to totally hate the 1st book & refuse to read anymore. I did force her to watch the 1st movie & she did survive. (Love u, K!)
Chad's orientation is going well. Ok, so it's really boring in his opinion but at least he's getting paid. Yea! This is the 1st time he's been paid for a job since we've been married! Seriously! Finally he's the suga-daddy! :) On Friday we're having Bruno's Pizza for lunch with the doctors then there's a intern vs upper residents softball game. Fun! Chad's concerned because there are 5 intern female doctors. Hello! Softball is a GIRL's game! I bet they'll whip his hinnie!
I best get a move on.... dang it. Gotta iron my shorts. I hate ironing! But these shorts have serious wrinkle-age at the hem. Maybe I'll just change shorts....especially now that I hear Rory squaking. :)

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