Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's day to my dad! This is an 'ol pic but I like it. Wish I coulda spent it with him! I'm so grateful for such a supportive father. Also, it's so cute to see him play with Rory....he really likes her!
The card Rory made for Chad.

The dads. Yes, I made the monster cake. It's chocolate fudge with vanilla butter cream frosting & chocolate ganache topping. The frosting itself consists of 6 sticks of butter. Yes, it's that GOOD!

Chad, Rory & his parents. (I made the "Weldon" sign behind it. It was an interesting project in the least and one I will not venture to do again.)

Happy 1st Father's Day, Chad!

Happy Father's day to a terrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiffffffffffiiiiiiiiicccccccc Daddy! I love seeing Rory's face light up when Chad is playing with her. It's so obvious they adore each other. It's such a blessing for her to grow up with a godly father...and a Heavenly Father too! Father's day was fun. Chad's first father's day was spent with his parents who were visiting & helping us set up house. Chad got an antenna from Rory....seriously. Haha. And Rory made him a card which he totally loved.

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