Sunday, June 27, 2010

We've had an exciting weekend! I'm starting to wonder if residency will always be like this? Ya right! Chad starts the REAL work tomorrow & actually starts seeing patients.

We went to Lake Hideaway for the intern party. It's BEAUTIFUL out there! It's basically a gated community on a golf course & lake. Rory & Matthew were checking each other out. But we did explain to her that boys were icky. (And his mom said the same about girls to him.) They are exactly a month apart. Guess who's older... RORY. What a chunky-chunkster.

The next day we went to Dr. Amy H's which was out in tha country. I love it! They've got a small farm over there with goats, miniature donkeys, dogs, & an adorable baby girl, Charlie. (She totally reminds me of the little girl on Toy Story 3. Which is a fantastic movie by the way!) At Amy's, Rory went on her FIRST SWIM. She didn't like it too much. And she didn't like her blow up baby float much either. She mostly wanted to cling to me. Poooooor baby. Rory adores Dr. Michelle who held her for a loooonnng time & even fell asleep on her. We got to hang out with several of the interns again & some of Amy's sweet neighbors who made us all homemade ice cream! YUM! One of the funniest things of the evening was when the Barstad's two year old twins made a beeline towards the donkeys. All of a sudden they went under the electric fence (which was turned off) & headed towards the animals with NO FEAR. Their kids are so stinking cute. Rory is so fortunate to have so many playmates here! (But we're keeping an eye on baby Matthew!)

Today we went to church, Green Acres to try out Sunday School. We really like it there! It's HUGE & I call it "the mall of God" because there are so many people hustling & bustling. BUT even in that huge of a church I randomly ran into a guy I grew up in church with! (Ok, so he didn't really remember me since he's ~6 years older but I recognized him immediately.) Then we went swimming at UT Tyler. Such a nice pool & very kid friendly. Rory LOVED the pool this time! Crazy baby! (I call her Miss Heckle & Jeckle sometimes.) She even enjoyed her float & just kinda kicked back & relaxed.

The other big news is: Rory is getting her FIRST TOOTH!!!!! Bottom left to be exact. I hope she tolerates teething well but I guess she has thus far. Good bye toothless grin! (You'll be missed!)

Next up.... Rory & I are venturing to the big "O" to visit the parents for a few days. They all sure love to spoil her...& we love that they do! :)

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