Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chad's graduation from TCOM. O'so proud of him & the very hard work he put in over 4 years. Time really did fly by & it's hard to believe that we're already in Tyler!

For his graduation party his parents had it at a Best Western conference room & La Familia was catered. It turned out perfect & his mom did such a great job planning all of it. His 'ol roomie, Casey & his girlfriend, Lee even came. It was so good to see them & they were so very sweet to spend this momentous occasion with us. Those who also made the trip were his grandparents & Aunt Gail from Shreveport, his parents, his brother, sis-n-law, 2 girls (from Monroe - 7hrs away!), his FW brother, my parents, brother, & sis-n-law. We were so glad they all made it! Kirk & his family stayed with us & the girls all had a bunch of fun. Savannah is such a little lady busy body & Abby is so so tiny & cute! I'm so glad we got to visit with them. I'm also glad we're closer to them in Tyler!
Chad's big graduation gift from me was a trip to Vegas! Mary & Jbo kept Rory. Pics to come.
On a side note ... today we signed up at UTT's rec center as we get a good deal thru Chad's job. I'm so excited to get to take Rory swimming there! The pool even has a shallow section. Plus I may try out a zumba class next week as long as Chad gets home in time. I have no idea what zumba is but soon we'll see. I'll be so glad to get to work out some & I really do best if it's a class-type work out.
Chad tells me today that he has to work a 24hr shift on CHRISTMAS DAY starting at 8am. I'm really disappointed because it's Rory's 1st Christmas but I guess I should've expected the worst given he's an intern. But really that's THE WORST schedule. He tried to put a positive spin on things in that he has Thanksgiving off. I guess we'll get up at the crack'o'dawn Christmas morning & do our little family Christmas then. I must tell myself it's only a date & Rory will not know the difference! Plus to top it off....Chad's working 8a-8p on Rory's 1st birthday which is on a Saturday. I really hope he can switch that one day with another resident. Again, she won't know that difference on dates but conveniently her birthday is on SATURDAY. Ok, I just had to vent. We are so so so bless to be where we are & not EVERY holiday & occasion will be this 'ruff. I'm very glad to have family near by so we can spend many of these special times together!

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