Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chad & I took ANOTHER trip to Vegas this year. Yep 4 months after just going. I guess you could say we like that city. There's tons to do & we still haven't seen all of the city after 2 visits. Chad had some time off in September so we were trying to figure out where to go...New Orleans? Houston? DFW? But we decided on Vegas after getting an amazing deal via Vegas.com (really they have THE best deals)! So off we went for a second time as crazy as it may sound. We had a blast again. This time we didn't have a detailed itinerary to follow & just did as we pleased. Our sweet FW friends, Kristina & TJ let us stay the night with them before our early flight the next morn. Then JBo (bro-n-law) took us to DFW Airport in a really terrible rain storm which took us over an hour to get to there. (Bless that boy for being so kind for taking us at 5-something- am.!) Needless to say we made it just fine to our destination - Bally's Hotel. Last minute we decided to go see Blue Man group our 1st night there. They were AWESOME. VERY very very entertaining, weird, & exciting at the same time. The audience got "wrapped"...as in toilet paper was falling from the ceiling. And the music was amazing too (Of course Chad totally appreciate all the percussion & the difficulty of playing pipes - as in water/plumbing pipes!) We enjoyed the pool one afternoon. We also spend a lot of time at the Venetian since they had penny "Jacks are Better" slots. Yea for stretching a dollar. Haha. Chad played some Black Jack. I even joined him once after just learning Black Jack a few hours before. Needless to say we made no moo-la in Vegas. (Chad swears the machines are rigged for you to lose.) Of course we hit a breakfast buffet at the Flamingo. It was yummy! I did a little shopping at the BIGGEST biggest biggest Forever21 store. I could spent the whole day in there assuming I had 1000 bucks! We also went to the "Old Strip". It had a fun downtown feel & was a lot of fun. We got to see the Golden Nugget, Stratosphere, & 4 Queens casinos. There was also a light show on top of the roof which was pretty cool. (Chad did have to point out they were not HD light bulbs tho. Ha) All in all we had a funnnnnnnn time! Can't wait to do it again! And just gotta say - what happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas! ;)


  1. Glad yall had fun. Love your blue dress.

  2. you look so gorgeous!! miss yall!! roro is just so big!!