Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(Almost) 6months ago little itty bitty Rory arrived! We were so entirely blessed beyond means by God to have such a healthy pregnancy, delivery, & BABY! I'm greatly reminded of this as Chad's on his NICU rotation & has seen some miracles & also some sadness.
Anyways....TIME is flying with her! She has tooth #2 on the way also! Tomorrow (her half birthday) she starts SoLiDs!!! I'm betting she'll gobble it up & beg for more rice cereal (oooo....yuuummmm).
This week has been fun! Monday my parents swung by on their way home from their Colorado vacation & took us girls out to lunch at Newk's. Yummy sandwich shop! While we were there Rory got hungry & I've learned (from my cousin, Liz) to ask for a steaming hot bowl of water....which usually results in a strange look but then I explain it's to warm a bottle. Great trick! Then that evening we went to the Barstad's cHaRmInG home for pizza & lasagna. (Seriously, I don't know if I've ever seen such a cute house!) Chad even made it tho he was post call & I'm glad he did! The Dickersons & Casens were there too. So that means 8 adults & 9 kids!!!! We had a lot of fun...mostly laughing at our kids & their quirkiness.
Yesterday Mary stopped in on her way to Shreveport. It was fun staying up drinking (decaf) coffee & visiting. And of course Rory got some new clothes! Yea for Grammy! Plus Mary kept Rory while I went to Zumba....or so I thought I was going to Zumba. When I got there it ended up being cancelled. Boooo!!! So I jumped on the treadmill & ran 5 miles. Ok, so I actually walked (fast & on an incline) for 30minutes. Everyone else around me on a treadmill was running....yeeshhh!
Today us 3 are going to the library & pool. So glad Chad gets to spend the day with us! Now that I actually have (a lot) of time to read the library is great! It is WAY smaller than the 20,000sq' Fort Worth library but still has plenty of books.
Friday is our 4th AnniVerSarY! As it turns out Chad will get the evening off & Mary will be coming back thru to see us on her way home from Shreveport. So that means we can go out on our Anny!!!!! Yea!!!! Hellooooooooo Eclipse. I'm excited to finally get to see it!!!!!!! FiNaLLy! What a good hubby I have who will take me to see a teeney-bopper movie on our Anny! :)

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