Monday, July 19, 2010

Loves her rice cereal....ok this was right before I fed it to her the 1st time. Not much probably even went down the tube but we had fun anyways!
Mom & Dad stopped in on their way home from Colorado va-ca to see us. We ate at Newks which was yummy! Rory was a-yellin' most of the time...until she got a bottle.

Hahahha....little monkey. I can just hear her now - ooooo---eeee-ahhhhhhh-ooooo! She 'so ' cutee! Chad & I sneak in her room each night with a flash light to look at her & once we're out of her room we always say - She 'so'cute! I guess you could say that we kinda like her....A LOT! :)

She scoots backwards when she's awake. She was on the playmat & scooted that far. When she's asleep in her bed she scoots forward. She usually ends up with her head in the corner of her crib. Now she's rocking on her hands & knees. Today she did a couple of belly flops to try to propel herself forward. Haaahha! Pooor baby...hopefully she'll get it all worked out soon in crawling-land!

Green beans....she actually did like them a lot but just captured this hilarious face!

In her new exersaucer. She likes it a bunch especially since the toys can go in her mouth. Thanks to Grammy for this entertainer!

We got to go out ON our anniversary! Numer-o 4! Mary was passing thru on her trip to Shreveport & kept Rory for us. Chad was suppose to be on-call that night but it turned out he wasn't. We ate at Jake's in "downtown" Tyler & it was yummmmy!!!!! I say "downtown" because it just doesn't compare to Fort Worth's dtwn. (We miss it...especially going to Billy Miner's & 8.0's with friends....good times, good times.) When we were parking near Jakes there was a parking meter & at first we thought it was an antique. Then we got out & read the signs & fed it $.50. Come to find out we didn't read the fine print & it was only during the daytime you had to feed it. Geesh! O'well. We got crab cakes for an appetizer (yum!). Chad had red snapper with crab/shrimp sauce. I had the filet mignon with the same sauce. VERY good food. I'm not much of a steak person but you just can't beat that cut of meat! Then we went to see Eclipse! It was great & I have a great hubby for taking me!

Grammy & Rory reading the book she got for her on her "half birthday". Plus Grammy found tons of clothes for her in Shreveport. I told you they spoil her. ;)

Yummm!!!! It's official....she loves to eat! It's so fun giving her new foods. Ok, so she's only had 2 new foods but still! I have a video of her eating & perhaps I can figure out how to post it on here.

Gimmie some rice cereal NOW! Heheh....love this pic!

She's figured out how to suck on her toes. It's so cute....and kinda disgusting too because her feet sweat....she gets that from her mommy. She only sucks her toes when she has no clothes on. Silly baby!

Hello shoes. In no time she untied them. She doesn't wear shoes much (except to church mostly) because her baby feet are just so stinking cute & it's summer time so why not!

Sweet baby!

You look'n at me? Yooooooouuuuuu loooookiiiiin' at meeeeeeeee????!!!!!!!!!
A few recipes:
Easy Cabbage "Rolls"
1/2 lb ground turkey
1/4tsp thyme
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 head cabbage, chopped (boiled)
1 bag quick cooking brown rice (cook according to directions)
1 can tomato soup
shredded cheese
Cook turkey with seasonings then mix with rice. Put a layer of cabbage in bottom of glass dish then add rice mixture on top. Add another layer of cabbage. Top with tomato soup & cheese. Bake 350 for 10minutes or until cheese is melted.
Tang-o-licous Kiwi Salsa
2 kiwi
1 cucumber
1 red chili or red bell pepper (for a mild salsa)
2 jalapeno or 2 habanero pepper (for a hot or hot hot hot salsa)
several twigs of cilantro
2 T lime juice (fresh or out of the bottle)
pinch salt
Put it all in a food processor or blender & blend away. Serve with chips
Phyllo Spinach Rolls from Kraft
This recipe is great! To make it easier, use spray butter on the phyllo sheets!

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  1. OMG!! I can't wait to squeeze her!! She is getting too big. Tell her to stop growing until Auntie K can see her.