Thursday, July 8, 2010

More pics....
-Rory got her 1st toothie! (It only took me 6 tries to get a tooth shot. Try & get a 5 month old to say cheese...ya right!) Her tooth is super sharp & she bites! Hahah. Her teething has been ok thus far so we're fortunate. Otherwise, lately she's been scooting backwards which is so funny to watch. One minute she's on her playmat & the next she's 3' from it!
- More pool pics. She got another new swimmie suit (it's size 12 months! yoooowaaayyy!) because the other one is almost too small. She seems to enjoy swimming more & more....which is a good thing because we plan to be at the pool a lot!
- The oh-so-sweet Pembertons asked us to go see fireworks on the 4th of July. They held Rory the entire time & she loved it! The fireworks didn't bother her either.
- Ok, she isn't sitting on the edge of the couch alone. Chad's holding her, promise! This is her cute 4th outfit that Mimi gave her.
- New car toy. Her grandpa had so much fun playing with her when we visited!

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  1. shes so cute in her fourth outfit!! and the pembertons are so sweet! love the first tooth...hopefully that will not be too bad with the teething part. my babies were pretty easy so ill def send those good vibes your way :)